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The Trollix


It is a two-wheeled trolley which acts as an ultra-light backpack and which is parallel to the ground. It can be adapted to be used in the snow or behind a bike. 
It is the "indispensable companion for hikers" who want to carry all the necessary equipment to be as automous as possible during great adventures, treks, hiking trails (Compostelle, Stevenson...) or a World Tour ... while relieving the back.
Trollix is ideal for the “Chemin de Compostelle” and is perfect for any professional activities or leisure activities:
- Hiking
- Photography
- Fishing
- Gardening
- Park or City maintenance
No weight on the back, everything on the trolley.
Your back is requested all the time, it is better to relieve it!
You can tow with your legs up to 5 times the weight that you could tow with your back. As the load is perfectly balanced due to Trollix’s two wheels design, you will only have to exercise a drive force. With the Trollix hiking trolley, only your legs will work and not your back, which will clearly be more appreciable and comfortable.
Moreover, this companion is equipped with a single drawbar (arm connecting the loading platform to the harness) and consists of an articulated harness fastener, which makes it easier for the body to move for pivoting or for a U-turn.
The advantage of this trolley is that we can load it as we want within the limits of the efforts required, all of this whilst being hands free by towing it.
Ideal weight: 25 to 30 kg
Max weight: 60 to 70 kg
However, Trollix can be carried on the back if the environment becomes too complicated. All that is needed is to equip it with its commando backpack, to direct the straps to yourself, opposite to the ground and to properly attach the Trollix.
Made with aluminium, Trollix is at the same time very light but also very strong. Furthermore, the diameter of the wheels allows to easily cross most obstacles (stones, roots, slope, steps, etc.).
Miscellaneous options and accessories are proposed such as: hands support, a crutch, an attach point to a bike saddle or wheel, various lighting systems, the 90L commando backpack, a small table, a bottle with its support, various boxes (big or small size) or other customized products.
 Trollix 0036
From 590 €
Dimensions of the trolley :
-Length with Helm : 1,70 m
-Width with wheel : 58 cm
Dimensions of the loading platform :
-Length : 84 cm
-Width : 42 cm
Color : Black (option : Red, With, Blue, Yellow)
Trollix Mini
Trollix Mini 0014
From 525 €
Dimensions of the trolley :
-Length with Helm : 1,36 m
-Width with wheel : 58 cm
Dimensions of the loading platform :
-Length : 50 cm
-Width : 42 cm
Color : Black (option : Red, With, Blue, Yellow)


Trollix M-Wave

Le chariot pliable pour la randonnée mais également pour le vélo.
- Fabriqué en aluminium
- Poids nu (sans roue et attache) : 5.8 kg
- Largeur avec roues : 75 cm
- Longueur : 1 m 35
- Dimensions plateau de chargement : L 67 cm x l 44 cm
- Attache avec ceinturon et harnais rembourrés
- Roues 20'' avec système de fixation rapide
- Timon à main et démontable pour rangement
- Charge max. de traction : 40 kg (charge idéale : 20 à 25 kg)
- Poche bagages (90 L) en tissu polyester 600D




Nouveauté Trollix m wave rogné


 hiking trailer, trekking trolley, walking trolley
From 350 € including all taxes
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